Why Choose Jenkinson Associates?

Accurate results you can trust. Communication training designed to meet your needs.

Your Time is Important

Time is always of the essence!

Jenkinson Associates prides itself on keeping an eye on the clock (or calendar) to make sure that client deadlines are met. Extensions of the project timelines are rare—in fact, the goal is to beat the timeline, as long as data integrity or workshop objectives are not compromised.

Client-Centered Approach

Good communication is necessary in any relationship!

Jenkinson Associates understands the importance of maintaining good relationships with clients–and good relationships take time. Potential projects and consulting requirements are reviewed before proposing or initiating work to ensure that the clients will receive the appropriate amount of attention the project requires.

Reasonable Cost

Good consulting is not always expensive.

As a small business, Jenkinson Associates doesn’t incur the high overhead of many larger organizations. Thus, projects completed with Jenkinson Associates are often less expensive than you might expect. Once we start your project, we work hard to minimize any unexpected budget increases.


Experience contributes greatly to a well-managed project.

Jenkinson Associates has been conducting marketing and opinion research since 1998, and Patricia Jenkinson has been helping others understand and apply communication concepts since 1982. This experience translates into  smoother and more customized services.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Wayne Dyer

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