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Patricia M. Jenkinson (smilin' at you!)

Patricia M. Jenkinson founded Jenkinson Associates in 1998. She has worked as a sole vendor, as well as in partnership with other research firms, public relations and advertising firms, and other communication professionals. Prior to starting Jenkinson Associates, Ms. Jenkinson served as Vice President of Opinion Research for Meta Information Services (now conducting business as Meta Research), a full-service Marketing & Opinion Research firm in Sacramento, California. She continues to consult with Meta as an independent contractor for research projects. As a tenured professor in Communication, Ms. Jenkinson shares her knowledge of communication and persuasion with students at local community colleges and universities

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Ms. Jenkinson earned both her B.A. and M.A. in Communication Studies at Sacramento State University, minoring in Business Administration. She has continued updating her knowledge in both research and communication by completing additional units beyond the Master’s degree at both CSUS and Sacramento City College, in addition to participating in seminars, workshops, and various online education courses.

Communication Experience

Ms. Jenkinson has extensive experience in the public speaking and communication fields. Her high school and college experiences as an award-winning speaker in a variety of public speaking events served her well as a coach for intercollegiate forensics (speech) at both the community college and university levels. She has been teaching public speaking and argumentation classes since 1982, and branched out into other communication classes soon after. Ms. Jenkinson has taught both upper- and lower-division communication classes, including small group communication, interpersonal communication, persuasion, conflict management, and communication theory.

Unlike many college instructors who have experienced only classroom speaking, Ms. Jenkinson’s expertise extends beyond academia. As a small business owner herself, Ms. Jenkinson has first-hand knowledge of presentational speaking and communication in the “real world.” 

Ms. Jenkinson has conducted general communication workshops for educational institutions; facilitated for organizations on strategic planning; facilitated contract negotiations between the Los Rios Colleges Federation of Teachers and the Los Rios Community College District, and provided personalized coaching for organizations planning for oral presentations.

Additionally, she is a member of the executive board for the Los Rios Community College District’s IBA (Interest-Based-Approach) trainings, which focuses on teaching principled negotiation to Los Rios employees, District Board Members, as well as other interested community leaders.

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